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  • Main Stage – 2019

  • Masterclasses – 2019

  • Wie der Content-Lake die Zukunft von Personalisierung und Automatisierung verändern wird!
    AI in Content Creation
    Content Automation

  • Audit-relevant and regulatory reporting in the environment of banks and insurance companies has so far followed the rule of analyzing unstructured information and reports as well as key figures for the production of these high-quality texts and converting them into structured information. Reporting is currently manual and semi-automated. The Deloitte Network Language Technology is testing various technologies to digitize this reporting and thus generate efficiency advantages.
    AI in Content Creation

  • Content is essential to reach the customer effectively and to help them in the buying process. For this reason, additional content can make the difference, as it can impact the conversion rate, but also generate more traffic through search engines. Especially for online shops, which offer countless products, it is difficult to provide sufficient content for every product. This makes it all the more important to think about content automation in order to generate relevant longtail traffic and to increase the conversion rate on product level.
    Content Automation

  • The lecture shows by the example of digital communication from Microsoft Berlin how it is possible to reach a very special target group via subchannels. Concrete application examples and best practices for storytelling in niche communication will be shown and the question of when own subchannels make sense and how synergies can be created will be discussed.
    Content Marketing

  • Intelligent creation of product content can drive better conversions and return rates in e-commerce. This break out masterclass presented by the most disruptive cloud master data platform or Riversand will help you to understand why and how you get great data about your products, customers, suppliers, locations and more in an easy way and how you can create the business case for data and show value to your executives.
    AI in Content Creation
    Data-Based Content

  • Some errors just happen, others are predictable (and unforgivable). How important is content in SEO? What is the right content anyway? Which basics do editors and SEOs have to master? Which mistakes should be avoided?